Evaluating Circulation Promotion

Who needs to know about circulation promotion?

All publishers benefit by knowing response costs and income from their new subscription and renewal promotion efforts.

How can you find the data you need?

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What information can we provide to make your fulfillment effective?

  • How many subscribers are responding to each type of new-sub promotion, including direct mail, bind-in cards, subscription agencies, and other media such as telephone marketing, conferences, etc.
  • Which offer, package, list, color, postage, timing, etc. does best based on alternative testing against the most successful promotion to-date.
  • How much immediate cash is generated to cover printing, postage, mailing and other promotion costs.
  • How much accounts receivable is generated by bill-me orders, and how much is being collected.
  • Whether credit options are worthwhile, i.e., higher up-front returns versus write-offs and the costs for collection and copies mailed.
  • Whether individual renewal efforts are doing well or should be tested or replaced; whether early renewal efforts are bringing in a large percentage of total response; whether more or fewer efforts should be considered.
  • How many new subscriptions will be needed to replace expires.
  • How many first-time subscribers are being renewed (converted) for each new sub effort, and More >